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Tiny Love Gymini Melody Maker Playmat

25 CHF
Tiny Love Gymini Melody Maker Playmat

  • The Gymini® Melody Maker’s Arches Effect is soothingThe Gymini® Melody Maker develops hearing with the three cheerful tunes played by the musical triangle and the various other sounds on the mat and toys ** MELODY MAKER IS TEMPERMENTAL! ONLY PLAYS WHEN IT FEELS LIKE!
  • The different fabrics and textures – and soft and hard plastics stimulate baby's sense of touch
  • The special structure of the Gymini® Melody Maker with the crossed arches, reminds your very young baby of the soft and round protected structure of the womb, soothing her
  • As baby reaches out and strikes the toy with her hand and later with her foot, she strengthens and develops her muscles
  • Baby will later practice various grips by holding toys of all sizes and shapes, opening and closing her hand, pulling and pushing and later on, coordinating between both hands